Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Somewhere in the distance
You hear a cackling sound –
The quacking of ducks
On the far side of the lake

Somewhere up in the sky
A meteor shoots across
Blazing a fleeting trail
In the dark canopy up high

Somewhere in the ring of hills
On the outer edge of the horizon
A blaze still smolders –
The aftermath of a forest fire

Somewhere from across the waters
Floats the lone cry of a peewit
Breaking the hush that has descended
Telling you that the evening has ended.

The glasses empty, conversation dropt to a whisper
You grope for a tag, a label, a sticker
For that feeling without a name
For the magic that pervades
For the calm, the nothingness
Engulfing you like an empty-headedness
When you know that the charm is over
But the magic continues to linger
When you become a part of the scene
And the evening a part of you
On in one, in harmony together
With you to stay, yours forever
This magic by the lakeside
This lakeside sonata!

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